Friday, August 3, 2012

Watching the Olympics is Too Addicting!

First off, Centrowitz is the man. His round one 1500m race, from start to finish, was beyond relaxed. If he was anymore relaxed he might have nodded off.

Even when he was boxed in and spit out the back of the pack, he still looked calm and in control. Then he catches back up to the lead group, trips Chepseba the number three runner in the world on accident, with under 300m to go! So epic. I mean not epic for Chepseba, but epic to watch it unfold. 

And to top it off, Centro didn’t even lean at the tape. Straight runner swag. He knew he was moving on.

Watch this race! You wont regret it. (Its maybe an hour 15 or 30mins in and you can fast forward)


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